Best Service Providers for States approval/ No Objection Certificate (NOC) and FIPB Approval relating to FDI
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For the entire process we are given a specific turn around time from the date of picking up the sample.

  1. We send a regular MIS to the bank. The bank, then, decides the cases that are to be sent for further investigation.
  2. Fraud Investigation

    Three stages are involved in INVESTIGATION -

    • Customer Investigation
    • Validation
    • SE Investigation
  3. Customer Investigation

    • Interview with customer
    • Gather Information/Document
    • Minutes of the meeting with customer, Documents collected are attached to the final report.

  4. Validation
    • Request sent to the bank to arrange a meeting with the SE.
    • Comparison made between customer investigation & Support documentation.
    • Inference is drawn.

  5. SE Investigation
    • SE given a resume format, to be filled in his own hand writing.
    • Photo identification is also obtained
    • These are filed with other papers pertaining to case investigation.
    • SE is required to give all papers in writing. Gadgets like Dictaphones are also used to record the statements.