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Credit Risk Assessment

Credit Risk Assessment, Authentication & Verification Analysis includes the following:

  • Authentication and Verification
    1. Authentication involves scrutinizing the information and documents provided by the individual and checking them for any discrepancies or mis-matches of information or if there is any uncertainty as to the authenticity of any documents provided. Verification consists of ascertaining the reasons for any discrepancies in information and verifying the antecedents of the credit seeker by making a field visit to their place of residence and / or place of work, cross¬checking the information through discussions with the individual, obtaining additional documents, checking with references etc.
    2. The results of the authentication - verification process are duly noted in a report which would be in a pre-specified format.
  • Analysis
    1. An objective analysis of the degree of risk associated with fulfilling a financial transaction with respect to an individual at a given point of time is carried out. Based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the authenticated and verified information on the individual along with other observations, the credit worthiness of the individual is assessed and an opinion as to the same IS provided. This assessment takes into account the complete range of factors which influence an individual's credit behavior with the broad areas being the individual's stability (in terms of income source, periodicity of stay etc.) the individual's intentions for repayment, and the modalities of the transaction being entered into.
    2. The objective credit risk analysis is presented in a report highlighting various aspects pertaining to the individual's credit worthiness including general information, business/employment information, financial information, residence information etc. combined with an assessment of the individual's intentions for repayment. This report is tailor-made to meet the unique and specific needs and requirements of each client.